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About Us


Al’s is a family-owned business and has been serving Licking County since 1954. With long-time tradition, it has always been their mission to serve quality cut of meats at affordable prices for their customers.

Al’s stocks meat ranging from the traditional beef, pork, and chicken to buffalo meat. The store is also famous for its sausage and bratwurst, of which there are seven varieties, including this year’s “Firecracker” Brat, a spicy combination of jalapeno and cayenne pepper.

Al’s Meat Market, just off the intersection of Main and 21st streets, also began selling wine about five years ago. They stock local varieties, including selections from Buckeye Winery and Raven’s Glenn. Also in stock are cheeses and lunch counter staples such as, ham and chicken salad, which are made fresh in the store.

Al’s caters the stock at the store to demand from his customers and adjusts by season: Bulk Sauerkraut is available around New Year’s, and for Valentine’s Day, a combination special on two steaks and a bottle of wine.

It’s the special attention to service—and of course, a great cut of meat—that keeps bringing customers back to Al’s Meat Market. The people that shop here like the personal customer service, and to buy fresh meat every day. There’s a trust that people have in a small meat market that it’s going to be a clean, safe place to buy their meat!